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Top 5 Types of Car Tyres

For most drivers in the United Kingdom, choosing summer tyres is perfectly fine as the weather is fairly decent throughout the year. However, in some areas of the continent, it is a requirement to have winter tyres due to the regular occurance of ice and snow building up on the road. If you are due for a new set of tyres for your vehicle, then go ahead and have a look at this list of the top 5 types of car tyres before you go out and buy the first set you come across …

1. Summer

Like we said in the beginning, in most parts of the UK, you should be okay with choosing summer tyres. Summer tyres have a simplistic design and are the most useful type in the UK. The structure of these tyres offers stability and a good grip in both wet and dry conditions. Since they are summer tyres, they work best when the temperatures are above freezing. Thanks to the softer compound, they offer the best performance on the British roadway.

2. Winter

Along with summer tyres, you have tyres that are designed for those cold winter months. These tyres are recommended if you plan on driving on slippery surfaces. They have a different chemical make-up than the summer tyres as they are able to hold their grip even in the cold environments. If you look at the tread on the tyres, you’ll find that they have been broken up and have more grooves on them, which will come in handy for helping you maintain traction when you’re driving on ice.

3. Cross-Climate

Basically, cross-climate tyres are a combination of both summer and winter tyres – they have a special rubber compound that reacts well in both cold and warm weather conditions. The tread on cross-climate tyres are a combination of the summer and winter designs with a simpler layout with big sections for summer temperatures, while the deeper grooves are suitable for winter driving.

4. Run-Flat

The word may sound funny, but they are pretty popular in the UK. They are tyres that have a special lining inside the rubber area. If you get a puncture in your tyre, they give you the opportunity to drive further than you would be able to if you had a normal set of tyres. On the sidewalls, there’s a special reinforcement that will support the car so that you can replace the damaged tyre. However, run-flat tyres have a tendency to be more expensive than the other tyres on this list due to their advanced structure.

5. Part-Worn

Part-worn tyres are sold at a discounted price, making it a good budget-friendly option. They are usually taken from vehicles that have been scrapped and sometimes, they have only had a couple of miles on them. However, they may not last as long as the other tyres on this list, which is something for you to take into consideration.
So there you have it – this list has a little bit of something for everyone, even those that are on a low budget.

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