Powder coating services

There is a need to secure your assets in every way possible. With existing solutions, people are trying their best to safeguard what they own. powder coating services have been of help to many as the process is applicable to assets of varying materials. The best aspect about this mode of coating is that, it is pollution-free, economical and environmentally friendly. Try it out and you will be certain of a positive outcome that brings about a high quality finish.

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Garden furniture

Garden furniture is exposed to harsh weather conditions and hence the need for safeguarding it. However, you require professional help for the process to take place, as it should. The first step entails grinding patented plastic coatings into fine powder. Through electrostatic means, the powder is then applied to the surface of the furniture. The presence of electrical forces charge the powder negatively and this aspect helps the powder to stick on the surface of the furniture.

powder coating ovens

You can use a gun to powder coat ovens. Note that there are different type of guns that are used for this purpose. An example is the corona charging gun. It charges the powder through electronic powder, while the tribo gun works via friction to charge the powder. The other type of gun is the bell-charging gun. It works by flinging the powder from the bell perimeter to charge the powder. Whatever selection you make on the guns, the results will always be the same. At the end of it all, the powder is stuck to the surface of the ovens giving them a tough and hard skin.

Auto parts

Mechanics always think about ways in which the parts inside the engine can be protected. After all, temperatures tend to rise inside the engines and hence the need of protecting the parts in and around it. Overall, there are various aspect to keep in mind before powder coating any auto parts. For instance, you have to be sure that the pars you are coating can withstand temperatures of up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. The powder coating is baked at this temperature and hence parts that cannot with stand this heat should not be powder coated. There are also parts that have bearings and electronic components that cannot be replaced. Such cannot be powder coated as well since the components cannot withstand the heat.

Auto parts preparation for powder coating

To begin with, remove things like bearings and gaskets that could be in or on the part that is being coated. You are also required to remove old paint from the part and clean it with an industrial solvent so that it becomes completely clean. Do not use your bear hands to touch the part after the application as you can cause defects on the finish due to minor issues such as oil contact.

More information on powder coating services

While powder coating services have been of help in securing the assets of many people, there has been a challenge of understanding what can be coated and what cannot. It is therefore advisable to work with professionals as they offer advice on the same. At the same time, you are sure of an elegant finishing once you entrust the work to a professional.